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Ios Holiday - Summer Holidays in Ios, Greece

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Summer Holidays in Ios !!!
Enjoy the sun, relax at the beach, feel the night rhythms, in
Ios holidays you will never get bored. The island has something for everyone, from isolated beaches and historical monuments to full moon parties and extreme activities. Enjoy every moment in Ios.

Do you want to experience a memorable and fun getaway? If so, then it would be recommended to go on Greece holidays. Spending your vacation here will undoubtedly be a great experience for you and your loved ones. The stunning scenery and wonderful places that you can visit here will surely make you fall in love with this place. One of the best destinations that you should definitely visit here is Ios.

Getting there

Ios does not have an airport, but even so you can still fly to Santorini and from there take the ferry that reaches Ios' island in more or less an hour. Usually most visitors travel by boat from Piraeus to Ios which is especially easy because during the summer months there are four schedules every day. The journey lasts approximately eight hours by regular boat and three and a half by the express. 

Ios Holidays

Your holiday in Ios will be very special and it will be very difficult to leave the island when your holidays are over. Most visitors, after their first holidays to the island of Ios, come again and again, every year in order to enjoy the sun, the sea, the sights, the night life and the beauty of the island. Ios offers carefree holidays so that you will be able to leave your worries behind you and live unique moments of total relaxation and enjoyment.

You will meet friendly people in Ios and they will always welcome you with a smile. The locals live a completely different life from the people who live in large cities and you will be able to detect that by having a conversation with them.  If you compare Ios to other Cycladic islands you will see that the prices of hotels, restaurants, bars, car rentals, bus tickets, etc. are very reasonable and that’s why it has become an attractive holiday destination. 

Here you can and find cheap hotels and rooms to let that will allow you to extend the duration of your holidays. Search for cheap hotels in Ios through IosHoliday.com.

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